chase the wind and touch the sky :)

bez znieczulenia

Edyta Geppert <3 ...9/09/2016

I'm dreaming about you, my Scottish lad :)

...on my own...

Jean Valjean... <3

...I love musicals...

Scotland, my home...


Edinburgh, I LOVE YOU :)

bardzo dobre!! :)

I have better plans for us ... wherever you are :)... I'll travel the world :)

set off on a new journey...

#nightnight astra per aspera...

lift me

heart in peace

Scotland, my love, hug me again <3

loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay...

Caledonia, you're calling me

Up the Irons!!!

Has Victor Hugo foreseen the future of the world?...

Use me well my Dear God <3

Love Green :)

on St Patrick's Day :) 17th March 2016

tak mnie skrusz, tak mnie złam, tak mnie wypal ... <3

yearning for FREEDOM!!!

...for my God I'll carry every Cross in my life <3

don't give up...

lesson planning with

Głosujemy na 20 piosenek jak zwykle. W kolejności od najlepszej do najsłabszej.

missing Scotand... <3

Soyka <3

I want to go home...

...non-stop replay

26/12/2015...Star sky...

8/12/2015 Hey Brother!

29/11/2015... <3 Preisner <3

for 13/11/2015... Pray for Paris <3 Pray for the world <3


28/09/ the Universe: sending to all of my Dear Friends pure LOVE... into space!!

30/07/2015 ...

18/07/2015 time :)

15/07/2015 ...picture of my life...

12/07/2015 ...looking forward to going to Kraków <3

10/07/2015 kocham połączenie Soyki z Szekspirem <3


...recharging batteries... brilliant Ben Woods <3

7/06/2015... yeay! Vivaldi's summer <3

10/05/2015 ... Czesław Niemen - Jednego Serca

7/05/2015 ... from Jacek K :)

24/04/2015 ...why?

... zawsze iść swoją drogą... nie ugiąć się :)

13/04/2015 Outsider... it's better to be a man than have money!

10/04/2015 Soldier of Love

24/03/2015 ...missing Scotland today...

17/03/2015 Happy St Patrick's Day <3

from Jacek K :) ... 13/03/2015

Mariusz Goli <3 POLAND <3 ...7/03/2015


22/02/2015 ...after a Great Visit to Budapest... what a fabulous concert in Planetarium <3

7th of February 2015 ... I adore Polish music <3

1st February 2015 ... my Lord, use me well... I trust You <3 All Yours <3

23rd January 2015 ...I believe!!!!! ...a day before my birthday

10/01/2015 ...each day of my life is Yours, my God <3 ...getting ready for the Taize in Valencia 2015/2016

3/01/2015 ...make me a channel of your peace, my only one Love, my Lord <3

13/12/2014 day I'll call that life I dream of, this life... :) so dream...

3/12/2014 ...looking forward to HOBBIT3 :)))

30/11/2014 ...yo soy gitana ;)

22/11/2014 music of my heart

19/11/2014... until we meet again :)))

11/11/2014 The Independence Day, POLAND <3

21/10/2014 ...I'm amazed :)))

14/10/2014 :))) Teacher's Day... I love Poland <3

13th of October 2014 ... I have nothing without You <3

14th of September 2014... Everything is going to be all right...

6th of September 2014 ...Runrig evening

4th of September 2014

1st of September 2014 ... So help us God! 'The Oath' (Polish: ROTA)

ROTA lyrics

Rota is the youngest of the famous Polish national songs: it was created in the 20th century. The song's text was written in 1908 by Maria Konopnicka; the music added two years later by Feliks Nowowiejski. Konopnicka's poem was a protest against the Prussian legislation that introduced a gradual expropriation of Polish land owners in the Prussian partition of Poland (remaining under Prussian occupation in 1795-1918).



Polish text:

English translation:
Nie rzucim ziemi, skąd nasz ród. We won't forsake the land we came from,
Nie damy pogrześć mowy. We won't let our speech be buried.
Polski my naród, polski lud, We are the Polish nation, the Polish people,
Królewski szczep piastowy. From the royal line of Piast.
Nie damy, by nas zniemczył wróg. We won't let the foe Germanize us.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Do krwi ostatniej kropli z żył To the last blood drop in our veins
Bronić będziemy Ducha, We will defend our Spirit
Aż się rozpadnie w proch i w pył Till into dust and ash shall fall,
Krzyżacka zawierucha. The Teutonic Order's windstorm.
Twierdzą nam będzie każdy próg. Every doorsill shall be a fortress.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Nie będzie Niemiec pluł nam w twarz The German won't spit in our face,
Ni dzieci nam germanił, Nor Germanize our children,
Orężny wstanie hufiec nasz, Our host will arise in arms,
Duch będzie nam hetmanił. Holy Spirit will lead the way.
Pójdziem, gdy zabrzmi złoty róg. We'll set out when the golden horn calls.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Nie damy miana Polski zgnieść We won't have Poland's name defamed,
Nie pójdziem żywo w trumnę. We won't step alive into a grave.
Na Polski imię, na jej cześć In Poland's name, in its honor
Podnosim czoła dumne, We lift our foreheads proudly,
Odzyska ziemię dziadów wnuk. The grandson will regain his forefathers' land
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!

29th of August 2014 ...goodbye Scotland

...spanish nights... haunting dreams...

27th of August 2014 ...In your life you may choose desolation And the shadows you build with your hands If you turn to the light That is burning in the night Then the journeyman's day has begun...

26th of August 2014 ...¡Olé!

25th of August 2014 the middle of 'Game of thrones' reading... I'm the Stark

24th of August 2014 ...we're blood brothers

22nd of August 2014 may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

19th of August 2014 ...Oh Lord :), You raise me up!

18th of August ...Que es mi barco mi tesoro Que es mi dios mi libertad...

17th of August 2014

16th of August 2014 ...duende <3

15th of August 2014 ...could listen without stopping...

13th of August 2014 ...follow your heart

12th of August 2014 door closes, another one opens...

10th of August 2014 ...I've missed myself...

9th of August 2014 path... new challenge... freedom

2nd of August 2014 ...from home to Spain (Yes!)

2nd of August 2014 ...heading home

13th of July 2014

7th of July 2014 ...peace

6th of July 2014 / ...flashbacks

1st of July 2014 ...Spain, I'm coming <3

28th of June 2014

27th of June 2014 / ...dreaming big...

26th of June 2014 / ...heading home...

5th of June 2014 / ...great feeling of FREEDOM :)

1st of June 2014 / ...heading Torquay, Devon, England :)))

28th of May 2014 / ...because I love EPIC MUSIC :)

26th of May 2014 / Mother's Day in Poland

21st of May 2014

18th of May 2014